Our Shutter Styles

Full Height Shutters


Full Height Shutters cover the full height of the window and is our most popular and functional installation style. This shutter provides the highest level of light control and privacy.

Shaped Shutters


Shutters Can Be Fitted Into Any Shaped Window. Shaped Shutters can be easily fitted into awkward shaped windows.

Bay Window Shutters


Regardless of your bay window style- (Box Bay, Standard Angle Bay or Multi Angle Bay)- we have a Plantation Blinds solution for you.

Cafe Style Shutters


Cafe Style Shutters are perfect for window’s at street level and in busy suburban areas. The top portion of the window is uncovered, and using shutters only for the bottom part allowing the room to flood with natural light.

Tier on Tier Shutters


Tier on Tier Shutters are probably the most versatile option as you have two sets of shutters, one on top of the other, each operating independently of each other.

Solid Shutter


These Shutters have solid panels instead of louvres which can offer full coverage over your windows. They are ideal for blocking out light and sound. The Panel Shutters need to be fully opened to let light in. These Shutters are popular in period houses.

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