The Titan Plantation Shutter is an engineered wood low cost shutter made with MDF frames and ABS louvres providing an excellent option for those seeking budget-friendly yet high-quality shutters.

These Shuttters are lighter than MDF and Solid Wood Shutter Blinds.
Titan Shutters are ideal for Shaped Window and extra large windows and doors 

This Plantation Blind is available in 23 colours.

Key benefits include:

  1. Affordable: Our shutters are budget-friendly, providing an economical option for your window covering needs.

  2. Durable Materials: Our shutters are made with MDF frames, known for their stability, and ABS louvres, which are resistant to moisture and heat.

  3. Versatile Design: Customize your shutters with different louvre sizes, finishes, and colors to match your home’s style.

  4. Easy Maintenance: Our shutters are easy to clean with a damp cloth, ensuring they stay looking fresh with minimal effort.

  5. Light Control and Privacy: Adjust the louvres to control light and privacy, and when closed, they provide a solid barrier.

  6. Energy Efficiency: Our shutters offer insulation benefits, helping to regulate the temperature in your home and potentially reducing energy costs.


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